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I wanna start of by saying Im amanda.(: I love meeting and hearing other ladies storys about them and their journey with their Marines, I also love to read quotes and sayings about marines wifes, fiances, and girlfriends. They remind me im not in this alone, soo please comment share!(:
I first met my Marine when i was 14 years old going on 15. He had just turned 19. Wow! is alot of peoples thought procss when they first hear that, i know. Granted when we first met he was not in the marines. A little after my 15th birthday he signed up and left for bootcamp. I was young and thought that was the hardest challange of my life i was going to face. Yes it was hard, but looking back on it i would much rather had the feeling of knowing my Marine was just in training and not overseas fighting for his life. After he completed bootcamp he returned home to me. I got to see him for 10 days and once again we were back to the door to say goodbye. I then realized this is only one of the few times i was going to be kissing my Marine goodbye. This time he was off to his first duty station, Oceanside California. After a long year in 2009 of hs journeys and seeing everything that was completely new to him, and facing the challanges we did. He then returned home once again, he was only home for a little longer then last 15 days.. This time was special, he asked me to be his wife. Yes, we were young. but i didnt have a doubt in my mind that i couldnt stand by his side. he got to see his family, and spend time with the ones he loved, he deserved it. He was a Marine, no loger a recruit. Sadley back to the doooor We said our gooodbyes. I tried not to cry because i know it makes him sad.. he hugged me and told me ot to cry.. his words to me always "It will be here before you know it" i watched him walk away once again i was standing alone with my hopes, dreams, and fears. This time was harder because he was no longer returning back to california, he was heading to his next duty station in Japan. The loong nights of our sype convos, the time and day dif made it hard to talk like we wanted to but after two long years my Marine retured home and was in my arms again. He got to stay home for a month the longest time he had ever got to spend home with his friends and family. He just recently went to his last duty station back to oceanside california. (: My Marine will return home June 18th 2012 only to make me his wife, and take me back with him. all the nights, months, and years, i went thru alone are almost over. I'am now 17 years old ill be 18 june 20th. My marine is now 22. This will be th first birthday my marine will be with me on, and hes givven me the best present ever, Becoming his wife. I cant wait.(:

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oh my goshh!! that was precious!