I Love My Marine And Everything That Is Soon To Come

Hi i'm sabrina, . I'm going to marry my marine in dec 28 C: i'm OH so exicted, but nervous..His been in japan for two years now, .&& comes home for a couple weeks in dec. Then he goes to california where i live on base with him finally.! We are young i'm turning 19 in two weeks and he is 20. Young and in love is what keeps us fresh. My parents are helping with the wedding,. Just in need of some new friends. We met in highschool more precise in ROTC weird huh, .but we never dated until two years after. It's funny how everything falls into place. No worries though because being married to a marine won't stress me out that much. My father and brother are both marines, so it's mainly in my blood.
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Awww that's awesome!! Congrats to both of you, I wish you two nothing but happiness. Your post also caught my eye because my boyfriend was just recently stationed (he left July 9th) in Japan as well; and I'm finding it difficult to deal so seeing that you guys went through those two years and are now about to get married makes me smile and makes me feel as though I am not alone. I have faith and no doubts that we will be the same but just seeing your story helps me, so congrats again and thank you for posting =)

That's really exciting that you two are getting married soon :) my boyfriend just left for Japan and he's supposed to be there for two years, he hasn't even been there that long and I'm missing him so much. I never thought it would be this hard and what's harder is that we have completely opposite time zones. I have friends that I talk to about it but it's not the same because they dont understand what I'm going threw, they all have their boyfriends right here with them:/ I see that yours was in Japan for two years, any advice?

I'm in the same boat as you. I really don't have anyone to talk to about this because no one really conprehends what it's like. My bf left July 9th and he too will be stationed for two yrs in Japan. It's nice to know that others understand what i'm going through. Maybe we can help each other out =)