My Boyfriend Left For Bootcamp, 8/21/12

i am really hoping someone gives me great advice, my boyfriend just left for bootcamp and i already miss that boy, we have something so special that i will never expericance with anyone else.. i love him to death and really dont know how i will make it by these 13 weeks without him.. there was not one time i was without him when he was home so i know these days will kill me. its alllllll going to be worth it in the end i know. but it seems as anyone i tell stories to they dont understand and dont really care. my brother was a marine and i wrote him daily and my brother helps alot and gives advise its just doesnt compare to the advise as it would if someone was going through it with me... please any advise would help!!!!!
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3 Responses Aug 20, 2012

Well when my boyfriend left almost a year ago for Boot camp he went to Parris Island. I was crying and upset. But when i got my first letter from him i knew i could do it and be strong for us. Its really something amazing getting letters and seeing more of a man that they become. I went to Parris Island to see the graduation and its the most amazing thing you could ever see. That first hug you get on family day is amazing words cant even explain. Trust me im not saying its easy cause its not. But you can do it. If you truly love this guy you will have the strength and will power to do it. :]

My boyfriend left On the 20th for Parris Island. It's hard but I'm doing better than I thought I would. What I do is not think about how far away it is but how soon I will see him and how sweet it will be when I do. It also helps to read other girl's stories on here and write letters.

Thats what try and do to. I also write him whenever I feel like im going to break down it makes me feel alot better. Its getting a little easier. It also helps me to talk to girls on here that are going thought that same thing beause its kinda hard to talk to my family about it beacuse they dont know what im going though. I also talk to his friends and family.

Yeah, nobody really knows what to say unless they're going through the same thing

My boyfriend left on the 20th so a day before your boyfriend. Its sooo hard . I dont know what im going to do without him for 13 weeks. We have been together for a year and five months. We have a two month old baby boy. Where did your boy go? Mine is in San Diego. We will have to keep in touch since they will be graduating on the same day or close to it,