My Son Warmed My Heart Tonight

So tonight as I was putting my 4 year old son to bed he made sure he had his favorite bear that he named camo. His grandma gave him this bear after his sister was born. So tonight he turns to me and says "mommy camo dreams of being a marine bear"! It was so cute and just warmed my heart and made me so proud of my Little man. I can't wait to tell Ryan that my son made me so proud because he wants his bear to be a marine just like mommys boyfriend.
Ldylvlylcks2002 Ldylvlylcks2002
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2 Responses Dec 15, 2012

very cute

it is so cute bless him, i bet was even cuter him saying it with that little kid look on his face lol

Omg it was so freaking cute I couldn't help but smile

hahaha bless him it's so cute isn't it especially as they don't get how cute theya re being lol