I love him so much. I did anything for him. He is sweet. He is awesome and he is a great man for me.
But I never think such thing will happen between me and him.
He got MEU. I decided to meet him up at least a day during his MEU. And I took a flight only to meet him. We met but I never know that in a country he stopped before the country we met up, a girl saw him and "fall in love in the 1st sight" with him.
After he came back to his base, he got a friend request from someone. That was her. She said she asked one of his friend for his FB. And 2 weeks after he accepted her as friend on FB, she claimed him as her bf even his relationship status was still "in a relationship" with me.
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It has no sense...are you sure that is how it went?

he said so. and i saw the news feed on my fb when he accepted he as his friend on his fb. right 2weeks after,i saw him got tagged by some collage pics from her. saying about distance couldn't keep them apart ect ect. he didn't wanna say anything that time cause he said it was the way she express her love for him :(

Are we crazy here? he didn't want to say anything? she claims him her bf and he doesn't say anything? If it was love as first sight and she just saw him that time at the airport how did she know his friend? Just saying MeiBee, be aware.

he only said "if she thought so...that's the way she express her love right?"
not in the airport. he and his marine friends took day off and went to a mall. they came into a shop where she worked. one of the marine flirted around with a girl there (exchange fb ect). that girl is her friend so she asked her friend to get his fb from that marine.
i didn't question him. I kept showing that i love and care about him so much. he broke me up :(
last week i saw her said "happy 2nd monthsary 01-21-13" means they started dating on nov 21st. and he broke me up on dec 8th. nov 21st is the 2weeks after she added him :/

Im sorry Meibee, that what he did was twisted. You just hang in there, be the better lady. He will soon realize what he just lost.

thanks Honeybee... well,yea.. things happen right? that girl is 5years older than him. once he was done with his duty in JP,that girl would be 31 years old. I'm not sure that girl could wait that long.
But I'm confused...wait or give up :/

its a fling obviously, it wont endure. But you shouldn't wait on him, continue with you life, its an experience you need to learn from. He may and may not come back to you, only time can reveal that.

I understand...really thank you,Honeybee :)

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