Only if he knew how much I am falling apart without him. I mean the life he gives me and my son is beyond words. But i would rather him in my arms but I know that love is so much more the seeing each other everyday. It's being able to handle time and space. Trust and respect is our strongest link we carry together. He assures me that we will be just fine and I do the same. Love is patient. And I love him enough to stand by while he is deployed and after. Can't wait till I marry My United States Marine ❤️
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Ditto :-/

We are here to be strong for them to so that they can look forward to the love that's waiting for them back home you have so much love for him and you are so strong princess keep your head up

Thank you. Your words mean so much girl. We are their light. And they are ours.

"When you are missing me look up at the stars and smile cuz I'm looking at them too" I like that quote reminds me that no matter where a person is our hearts are beating under the same sky with a similar wish

Oh-em-Gosh lol
We use the same line.

Jajaja that great !!! 👍👌

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