I wanted to get a tattoo below my bathing suit line that said "Semper Fi," saying that I will be Always Faithful to my marine. Dumb idea or cute?

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Lol it's spelled Semper Fidelis but that is such a cute idea! My Marine wants to get matching tattoos or something that goes together but I'm putting that off for a little while. My daddy would kill me lol.

me and my man had this discussion and we thought it would be cute to get the tattoos down our sides. down my side would be semper and down his would be fidelity(sp) so when we stood facing each other (kissing or hugging) they would come together

For the update, I got the tattoo and he loves it

Well after reading what you guys said I asked him how he felt about it and he said it was okay. I guess some Marines feel different. It's not my first tattoo.. And I want it to be for him. I know we have different opinions but do yall think it's still a bad idea?

I agree with missinghim20...Marines worked for the meaning of semper fi...anyone can say it, and im sure you understand the meaning...but you didnt work for it like they did. I dont know, I know I wouldn't get anything like that.<br />
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I'm glad you are so optimistic that you will be together forever...but you cant predict the future...but a tattoo...thats together forever...unless you have the money to get it removed.<br />
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If this is you're first tattoo...maybe you should get something that means something to you and just to you..cause you're doing it for yourself..not for him.

naw i dont think its a good depends on how your marine will take it...marines take it as something that they worked for with their blood sweat and marine always said to me that i had to have worked to get the right to say it...idk...its up to you...i think its a cute idea but again its how your marine will take it...

Thanks! I'm for sure going to be with him but I'm not getting his name or anything :)

Cute. Just dont get his name..just the words Semper Fi. unless yall are for sure gonna be together for life.