Am I Being Selfish?

Ok..soo i have been excited about this night for along time.

My Senior Prom. Not because its prom, but because My Marine, Cody, Said that he is going to get time off and come, just for me! i was so excited, and he also said that he was gonna wear his Dress Blues! which i have never seen in person on him.

We have talked about it and planeed everything. I even bought a dress that would match the blues well, and shoes and everything.

Buuuuut, Cody and i were texting last night, and he said that he had a question for me. and he asked me if i would be upset if he didnt come home till November or December.(Prom is in April) He wanted to come home then because he would have more time saved for leave, than he would in april.

but i got upset, mainly cause i was so excited to see him in april. ive been looking forward to it since the day he left..he's been gone since January2nd so if he didnt come till later, itll be almost a year till i see him..and i was so ready for april. so i got upset, cause he was coming here for prom, just to see me, and spend time with me. he said it was our time, he wanted to spend with me and thats the only reason he was gonna come was to see me for the weekend.

but now he wants to wait, so that he'll have time to go around and see EVERYONE. his family lives over 2 hours from my town, which means that if he comes to see everyone, he will be here maybe two or three days, and there the rest (he will have about 2wks leave saved).. which SUCKS, cause there are so many people here that i know he wants to see too, and we would have NO time for just us, before he had to go to his family's town, and i cant go cause ill be in college then.

ALSO..he may get Deployed in September...with possibly no pre-deployment leave because he is so far away from here already, so if that happens then i wont get to see him AT ALL.

Am i being selfish?
I told him to Do whatever he thought was best, because i want him to do what he thinks is right..what do yall think would be right?

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you are not being selfish cuz i would be feeling the same its senior prom he should be the one to make it the most amazing night for you and you shouldnt be afraid to tell him how you really feel if you want him home tell him he will respect how you feel trust me. especially if you havent seen each other since january i know how you feel my marine has been gone since the 26th of jan and i wont get him back till the day before prom so if he wants to see you as badly as you want to see him he should come home now especially if he may get deployed in september and not be able to see you for another like year so tell him what you want he should be ok with it if he isnt then talk it out and explain why you want him home for the most important dance of your high school career get it? well good luck let me know how it goes

My Prom is April 25th as well!!<br />
haha<br />
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Well me and Cody had a Nice Long Talk about a bunch of stuff last night, including the prom thing. He just doesnt have enough of a Leave saved up to stay here but maybe 4 or 5 days. So we agreed that its just not worth it, when he Could come for a week or more on Thanksgiving. BUUUT If he gets Deployed..thats still the problem, but if that happens, ill probly go to California!! Theres no way he's leavin without seeing eachother first. lol.

omg i know that feeling... my prom is April 25th and josh is grad. from boot on march 27 which means as much as i want him to be home and as much as he wants to be home he will have to be here for almost a month. its possible because of his rcts assistance but i dont feel its worth it. <br />
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I dont feel like you are being selfish at all but I do believe you should talk to him about his thoughts and what he thinks is best. try to keep your opinion out of the convo and you might get how he really feels.

you are def not being selfish!! I would be mad too.... But instead of getting upset.. just tell him that you are really looking forward to seeing him and ask him if he can please come home for your prom...