Back Together...

Thank you ladies for all the time and concerns before...

Me and my Marine are now back together. I guess all the girlfriend/wives "*****' stories got to him. We are talking about marriage but we are financially unstable at the moment. I'm glad i gave him taste of his own medicine and gave him time to think about our relationship. I now feel that he has more of an effort to try and make things work when we come across a dispute. I'm trying not to take it too far or take advantage of this feeling but now i'm kind of scared because he's being too nice... I hope he is consistent with this feeling so that i can adjust. I just hope this is real this time. I'm just hanging from the last thread this time to make it work and i think he knows it.

Ohh and is it weird that i really want to get married? He says dont worry that we will but my guts turns and i get that feeling if i want it now now now!!!! im weird!

JuJuBabe JuJuBabe
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1 Response Mar 11, 2009

I don't think you're weird... A lot of us feel the same!!! Just talk to him about it. My marine can hardly go one conversation without bringing up the marriage conversation.. Yours could very well be thinking the same way so just talk about it! :) Xoxo!