Young and In Love

I used to have this boyfriend. I thought he was everything, he was way older which i decided i could handle, im so young and hes much older and i thought ya know he must really love me, well atleast thats what he said. He told me he was a marine and he took such greattt pride in that, but he messed up so many times. He would get drunk and leave and do the stupidest things, he'd get his phone taken away and it reallly bothered me. I live in New York and he was in Fort Knox, it was hard for me to get through to him. One day, he put his friend on the phone, i usually talk to alot of the guys because they think its fun to talk to other peoples " girls " whatever i used to think it was funny, this kid i talked to thought he was different. He ended up texting me after the conversation was over behind my boyfriends back, but i would never betray my boyfriend and he wouldnt do that either to his friend and so... we were just friends strictly friends. Soon after, my boyfriend and i broke up he completly 100 percent betrayed me and broke my heart, almost like it was planned to use me and stuff. The friend i had talked to on the phone still texted me and got me through the WHOLE THING. Being young ive gone through so many rough times the whole being a teenager thing isnt easy and im sure many of you who either have children or are in my age group understand. He literally would listen to me cry and help me through all my problems. We started talking every second of everyday. Finally i realized.. im falling for him. It takes alot for me to fall for someone, which i take pride in because i dont " wear my heart on my sleeve ". I wasnt going to tell him first.. he finally said it, he flat out was like im falling so hard for you, this kid talked to me better then any guy has before. I told him i was falling just as hard as he was. Its been about.. four months since the first i love you.. and everytime he says it i fall harder and harder. Two days ago, he graduated from Fort Knox and got stationed west coast in california, im still in new york.. everyday that goes by i cant stop thinking about how lucky i am that i found someone who finally cares about me back. I found out he will probably have to go to Afghanistan in september. Its making me realize every moment i speak to him and every moment i will be with him is sacred, i love him dearly. i hope he comes home safe..



loveyou dan

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1 Response Mar 26, 2009

Thats so cute! Like a little fairy tail!! Im jealous. I met my Marine at a bar which I dont do ever but he was sweet non the less. Good luck and keep us updated!