I Love My Marine.

I love and miss my Marine. He is currently deployed in Iraq. He is coming home in about 2 months. I can't wait.
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My marine is currently deployed in afghanistan and i am missing him verty much and he won't be home till late nov. early dec. which tto me is a life time away well at least i heard from him today which was awesome well everyone keep me posted i want to know how you are all doing

Two months to go is amazing. The trip home will be torture for you. Oh lord was I a reck just waiting for the email, text or call saying he was in the States and safe. I understand you it is a daily worry that is for sure. Agree, you wont be able to sleep the night before at all! That first meeting is amazing. Be prepared for when he returns. He may act a little different depending on what he experienced. It is very normal. Mine did not right at first but about a month later he did. he got real distant and quiet. So if that happens let me know. Completely normal. It also takes them some time to get back into civilian life, kind of funny to watch. So if you need anything along the way dont hesitate to post. I am clad i found this website that is for sure. Been a godsent.<br />

once it get closer you will find that you are cleaning EVERYTHING LOL and also that the night before you are not going to be able to sleep lol and the finally day will go by so slow