My Ex-boyfriend Is A Marine And I Still Love Him

Hi, recently my boyfriend broke up with me who is going to the marine corps. this august. We have known each other since middle school and we always had a crush on each other but we always went our separated ways until junior year he told me he liked me. We started talking and one thing lead to another and we started dating in april of 2009. We had our ups and downs but we fell love and it was amazing spending time with him. He is the type off person to tell you like it is and when he tells you something its the truth. When he told me he loved me and wanted to stay with me in the marines, my heart sank. We were a very happy and healthy couple until recently. He was getting alot of pressure from his friends and recruits that he shouldnt stay with me and he should be single. They constantly bothered him about it and it eventually got to him. We broke up two weekends ago and now i find out that last wednesday he asked someone out. My heart is in pieces, ive never felt this way before. I was in a previous relationship for 3 years and after being physically and mentally abused by someone i didn't love, this still hurts 10x more.  It hurts i know this isnt him because he's been taking these diet pills as well that i feel changed him as a person. It still doesnt make up for what he did and honestly i dont know what to do. Im still in love with him and i know he still loves me, his family and friends feel the same way i do but it still hurts. I dont know what i should do and it was something i never expected because he was so loyal to me for a year of his life but now its all gone. Everytime we got into a fight he came back to me and i hope he realizes whats going on but i dont know if i should forgive him or not.

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I totally agree thankk you so much for the support since last friday hes been trying really hard to show me that he cares but we will see what happens..Thanks again i appreciate it!

wow thats really a low blow i dont see why his marine recruiters would tell him to dump you i mean thats not there choice and his friend thats really sucks but i had that with my ex boyfriend a long time ago his friends were saying everything like dump her and stuff and he did and asked a new girl out but think of it this way shes getting sloppy seconds and you are probably a better girlfriend and a girl then she is because no matter wat walking away and forgetting him even though it is hard is the greatest thing ever because it will make you stronger and if you ignore him and dont talk to him and if he relizes hes retarted he will come back to you because thats what happend to me but give it time if he does come back make him work for your heart because if you just go jump him he will just walk all over you yet dont do it too much or hell just give up good luck and im sorry that happend to you

Thank you so much, He actually has been trying to get me back since thursday night. He broke up with her because he still had feelings for me but it still hurts. I don't understand why he wanted to try and get over me and than realize that he shouldnt move on. I want to forgive him and I love him so much but im still confused. He has been fighting or me back and i know that its the truth im just not ready to forgive him. If i do get back with him do you think it was the right choice?