Amazing Road

me and my boyfriend been dating for a year and two months and its been amazing the support we have had for eachother and the bond we have and i know it  makes me sad that i have a month left till my boyfriend goes to bootcamp yet im so proud of him acheiving it because i could tell he wanted it bad and now he just wants to go and im supporting him 1000 percent and im going to right him letters and be there for him when he graduates and the great thing about our realtionship it has been through times of roughness and we have come up from the bottom and just grew stronger and he gave me a promise ring and told me he loved me and that i am  his only one and it sounds picture pefect but this is just the jist of the story i have to be strong and positive for my marine and i love him to death and im proud of my United States Marine


Semper Fi

MarineGirlfriend91 MarineGirlfriend91
18-21, F
Mar 1, 2010