Love Touching Her

Yes.....I have been told many, many times over that "she is beautiful"

I agree....she is sweet...I  love her!!!

lilyofthenile lilyofthenile
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never met one I didn't care for although I can't say the same for some of the owners.

MMMMMMMMMMMMmm.....sounds sweet and edible

There is nothing no better or finer than a sweet wet tasty cunnt mmmmmmm you make me want to taste or sample yours now :) lol could u pleaseeee add me :):):)

wow she must be amazing! would love to hear more add me x

how do you know she is sweet ,ever played with her ??

Good for you. Thanks for sharing. : ) 1 should be intouch with ones self.

Mmm sounds nice.

The vagina is God's gift to humanity! It is to be loved respected and seen with a sense of awe! What a magical creation.

emmm wonder how her breath smells

I love that you love her and tell all that you love her.

I'm a big vagina fan. :-P Add me?

Yes i can understand your love to your vagina. I do love my wife vagina as she does love like you

Love my wife vagina. It so cute so sweet. So beautiful to watch admire eat lick and enjoy the profound warm silky arousal of its contact with my penis

hi beautiful

Yes, your vagina is so beautiful, especially as she brings you so much pleasure. I'd LOVE to worship your beautiful vagina, licking and sucking you to several very intense *******.

two words; Multiple *******s. What is not to like. Its very powerful and gives pleasure :). It can bring a man to his knees.

the vagina is a powerfull thing as well :) make us guys sometimes begg for it :) lol

I like both ***** and vagina, but a **** has certain taboo when its being handled by another man, as with a vagina when its being licked by another woman.

Dear Lilyofthenile and Handlebar:<br />
Lily said ***** rules, Handlebar added penis surrenders. <br />
I am a male who loves to admire and lick and suck my gf's *****, until she melts and surrenders. Likewise, my gf knows how to make my penis a proud warrior, until both, ***** and penis, surrender to each other, and wage a lovely war of pleasure. Actually, it is our minds that surrender to our bodies, who know how to realy enjoy each other :)

welll breg right now my mind &amp; **** both are telling me they need some ***** &amp; need it BAD :p

Dear Lilo of the Nile,<br />
I love my girlfriend’s vagina. We have created a special ritual where, after plenty of kissing and touching, she lies back and bends her legs way up to offer her lovely vagina for me to use, and abuse. I then place a cushion under her butt, for better access, and start admiring her (my) *****, smelling it, and looking for the glistening juices ooze out between her lips. As I tell her, in minute detail, how I love to watch her pretty and sexy rose, I start to slowly lick off all the juices, darting in and around the lips. I continue telling her how beautiful her ***** is, the various shades of light pink, sexy rose and dark purple on the borders. As I have also placed a pillow under her head, she can also enjoy watching me how I eat her ***** for breakfast. Eventually, I get all carried away, and I plunge my whole mouth into her ‘whole mouth down there’, and lick her furiously, sometimes tenderly, while grabbing her big *** and watching her loving eyes. <br />
So, dear Lilo, my ***** is not only beautiful, but also very tasty and a wonderful breakfast treat. All of this, of course, just to get our juices flowing and to get in the mood for the main course… :)

theres nothingggg in the whole worlddd that can conpare to the aroma &amp; taste of a freshly washed sweet wet ***** :) &amp; sometimes they don;t need to be freshly washed :) lol just clean .:) mmmmmmmmmmmm making my own self hard now

Oh just vreadng ur post my vagin is alrdy overflowng.i am rit niw skiding mr fibgr up and dwn ut. Testrday my paper boy came in for a drink and we ended up with him licking my vagina..i came over and over. So i know hw ur gf feeling

I beg to differ. I think they both are beautiful!! A perfect match!!

Yes, penises are a bit crude... they shouldn't be pretty though... *wink*<br />
<br />
Vagina and Penis= Beauty and the Beast :-D are gods gift to women. And yes....vaginas do rule..... ;-)

yes they DO ,lilyofthenile yes they do very much :&gt;)

Penises have two functions. Injecting seed and dispensing urine. Clits only have one fuction-givinf pleasure. I am a man who loovvees eating *****. Swirling my tongue around the ****. Sucking the ****. Making my partner scream in ectasy. I am hetero. I love my ****. But vaginas rule!