I Love My Veterans!

My Father - US Marine Corps - Vietnam War Veteran. Semper Fi Daddy! I love you!

My Grandfather(mother's side) "Papapatch" - US Air Force? Paratrooper for an Airborne division. (the specifics escape me, for they were told to me quite some time ago, and only once)

My Step-father - US Navy - Retired - Senior Chief Petty Officer.

My Boyfriend - US Army - 7th Squadron 'Ghost Squadron' 10th United States Cavalry -Order of the Spur- Operation Enduring Freedom Veteran.

They all made the ultimate sacrifice by risking their own lives to serve their country. I thank God for spreading His mighty hand of protection over their lives so that they can still be with me today.
AnotherPrettyRedhead AnotherPrettyRedhead
22-25, F
Jan 13, 2013