If You Don't Stand Behind Our Soldiers, Feel Free to Stand In Front of Them

My fiance is a veteran. He served 2 tours in Iraq and came out a different person than he went in. I can't imagine the horror (although I've seen some pictures) of what went on there. I have always had very much respect for our veterans. Loving one and being in a relationship with one has been a very difficult but rewarding journey. I'm thankful I'll never have to go through what he did-willingly. And I don't think our servicemen and women hear Thank you enough. I don't go all out on things like Valentines day but on Veterans Day, he always gets a dozen red roses, just to say thanks. Its a much more meaningful holiday to me now than it was before.

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1 Response Jul 18, 2009

I feel the same way, as my partner is an Operation Enduring Freedom veteran. I have to agree 100 percent with you, Vets need more thanks and more appreciation than they get.