Heated Waterbed!!!!

Not only do I love my waterbed,I have a tent on top of mine that I keep zipped closed.

Why do I have a tent on top of my bed?

Will tell you sometime.




Well,it all began

with that big snake

under my bed


Then came the dream

showing me

that I was

sleeping indoors

Inside a tent.

Attention snakes-mice-spiders-raccoons, and all other unwelcome varmits...

This inviting warm bed is  covered by

seamless happiness

screen of mesh

windows .


I forgot to mention that there is cable TV, high speed net connection,LappyTop,phone and small lapdesk inside....





PeaceOnEarth PeaceOnEarth
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8 Responses Mar 4, 2008

Heh, maybe tent beds will catch on!

what an excellent idea! gona try that tonight as i love sleeping in my tent! oh wow, it'll be like falling asleep in a dinghy!

The first bed I bought when I moved out on my own was a waterbed. I had it for years and years until I met my wife. I kind of got tired of it and we agreed to get a new one.

These "lodges" cover me wherever I sleep.<br />
They are permanently on my beds...<br />
There is another with more transparent netting and sparkling fabric and less lights.{it reminds me of the bed in the cave in the film "Lost Boys".<br />
Will post photos if I find them.

With the warm water and the tent and the enchanting lights I might never get out of bed. It is quite pretty. i bet it is truely magical inside.

Yes..it has a magical enchanting aura inside.

can I spend the night at your house...that enchants me.

I am fascinated. Are those Christmas lights em<x>bedded in the tent? What does it look like under the tent? How do you avoid electrocution? I have 100 more questions, but I'll stop.<br />
<br />
It is beautiful, btw.