As I presently don't own a waterbed, I was going to join the "i miss my waterbed from the 70's, but I slept on a waterbed until 4 years ago.  We had to either get rid of the bed or re-enforce the floor (we own a house built in 1937).  I was so sad to see it go , and haven't really slept well since. Not one of those silly things with the tubes, either.  The good old fashioned free flowing kind.  It feels like sleeping on a cloud. mmmmmmmm,..........P.

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lol yes i can only imagine....

nothing like love on the waves!!!! P. :-)

I found that the trick to making love on a waterbed is to go with the wave. Don't fight it. It's heaven!

i wish i could have had one they do look like great fun...but alas i have no say in the matter....mores the pity!

Sorry for your bad experience! I find them very calming. To each his own, I guess :-) P.

i have vertigo the first time i sat on a waterbed i felt as sick as a dog...pity as they look so calming.