Living With A High Energy Dog

I swear that my Weim x GSP has 2 personalities. Insane and Super Sweet. Exercise is what makes the difference. When my dog has had enough exercise (and needs a LOT) then he is probably the most affectionate, gentle and sweet, loving creature that ever lived. He thinks he is a tiny little doggie and tries to get up on my lap while I am working at my desk. Or tries to climb on to the chair behind me so I end up perched on the edge of it. Every morning about 10 min before my alarm he sneaks in to the bed to cuddle just for those 10 min. He does give and need a lot of love. Especially sweet is how he puts his throat against yours to 'hug' and never licks.

But, then there is the dog that has too much energy, who's brain ceases to function and literally bounces off the walls until taken out. Every second weekend we take him on a 16km 4x4 trail, my husband drops him off at the bottom of the mountain and he goes screaming off in to the bushes at top speed. We can hear him from about a KM away barking and squeeling with pure joy and excitement. Although the trail is 16km he probably runs about 20-25km as he runs off and then comes back and then runs off again. I have never owned a dog that loved to run as much as this one. After a run like this he is normally chilled for a few days. In between we go on daily walks with the ball and the thrower.

When he gets home he leaps in to the pool and swims in circles, at least he is always clean!
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2 Responses Sep 26, 2012

A happy owner is a tired Weim.. On third one. She'll be 5 months soon. Male will be 7 yrs. So much love to go around!! Good luck with him!

My weim rocket would spend all day running in doggy daycare, and they would complain that they could never get him to take a nap. He was always going going going! But every moment at home he would be peacefully sleeping on the couch or sitting peacefully next to me all day long. He was different dog at daycare!