I Am Not Ashamed

Many folks nowadays are ashamed of their own heritage.  The heritage of making, and drinking, whiskey.  My family opted out of the "a still in every backyard" option some generations back.  But many of us still enjoy the fruits of the labors of our skillful cousins. 


So, to you Irish distillers, thanks very much for starting the whole thing and for the tasty stuff you still make.  My mom has a bottle of Jameson from about 1950.  I have been privileged to have some.  It is just plain yummy.

And to you Scots, many thanks, cuzz.  Now you know that I know what you already know -- that just because it has a big price tag in the US, it does not mean that it is necessarily the best.  Also, thanks for the DNA.

To my friends in the Great White North, gracias.  Thanks for the brown, liquid candy.  And the good times.

And to my countrymen, many thanks for the lovely bourbons and Tennessee whiskeys.  To Tennessee, to JD and GD and LM, you were with me on my first baby steps into adulthood.  Salute.  To Kentucky, it was an honor to live in your state, and thank you very much for continuing to allow all that fine hooch out to the rest of the world.  You are truly generous.

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Oh my goood. <br />
I like JD. =) <br />
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You must be a very strong squirrel!

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