Friends First

The missus (F) and I knew each other for years before we got involved romantically. I was her brothers best friend from the early days of school, so we had known each other from a very early age. As she grew and developed into the lovely lass she is today, she had her share of boyfriends and relationships, while I viewed her only as my friends sister. Being a rather shy lad I never made friends easily, and because of my lack of confidence never managed to land myself a girlfriend.

Over time F and I established a natural friendship, even though she was dating another bloke at the time, it was me she turned to to teach her how to drive. As we discovered we had more things in common than we had thought, we spent more time together, watching movies late at night, bushwalking with other friends, etc. It wasn't until after she had turned 18 and recently broken up from a bad relationship that we both admitted that our friendship had bloomed into a deep mutual love. We began dating and eventually her brother became my best man at our wedding.

That was 16 years ago today, and while it hasn't been a perfectly smooth ride, what relationship is, I believe we are more in love now than ever before, and it's still based on a firm friendship.  She is my first and only love, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
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1 Response Aug 9, 2010

mate some people are lucky and from the sounds of it we both are this story reminds me of me and my lovely wife