How I Met Your Mother

I am a man with a big social image. I have always been that way since I was gifted with luxiaries and fame at birth. Deep in my heart i always felt incomplete. I wasnt respected and ytreated well, the way I should be. So I wasn't happy with life. i really needed someone to alk to. I just wanted to vent all my feelings and just tell someone how frustrated I was with life. thats when I decided i would go online and make a chat friend. Although it is very rare for a man of my position to be doing such things as chatting, I really didnot care. I met a girl and she seemed to be having all her time dedicated to chat. I thought thats the best way, she ca talk it all out of me and i will feel so much better. I knew I wont be setting my heart at some stupid ugly online weird girl. I believe that pretty girls dont chat, they have better things to do and they are arrogant and always busy with not a single care in the world. Well, so I started chatting with this girl. she was fun silly and very very friendly. I knew that she wasnt pretty because pretty girls are rude. so, she asked me, do you think i would be pretty in real life? I said no ! because pretty girls dont do what you do. Then she asked me, what kind of girl would you like to have as a soulmate. I said, tall, slim, Fair! Days passed and whenever I would come online to vent, she was right there comforting me, guiding me and believeing in me. she would boost my confidence and she was a shoulder I could cry on. Ofcourse, my online activities didnot go unnoticed, and my whole family joined chat and my life was a movie for her to see. Everyday, she would quitely come and observe my conversations with my family and friends. she realized I wasnt respected and everything was really wrong with my life. once, I was so fed up I just wanted to runaway, so I asked her whether she could meet me. she then told me her address and said she would come out herself. She told me, she was there for me and would run away with me. I knew I was making the right choice, knowing I needed a friend more than I needed a bimbo who would be my sex kitten without any relationship. but I never said I wanted to marry or make her my gf, I just wanted to run away!
So, I searched for her house and parked my car a bit away from her front door. I had never disclosed to her who i was and never wanted to tell her even. So i had chosen a modest car and very lowly clothes so that no one would think iam someone special. Afetr 15 to 20 minutes, she showed up and I couldnt believe my eyes. She was tall fair and slim n curvy. As soon as she came inside my car, I couldnt help smiling and I looked at her. she seemed flirtatious because all this time I had been saying you are not pretty! i had been proven WRONG! the first trait of Spectacular WIVES! I said will you marry me? she said yes, I want to be with you, always!i told her, she looked like a supermodel1 she smiled add acted real shy! She was wearing Sky blue moonlight Dress! i couldnt believe i just wanted to get away and there she was the person who made me say Will you marry me! so, i proudly say, I love my beautiful wife and she is my bestfriend !

PS: YES! we married eachother the same day! She was looking stunning, wearing no makeup but still, a pure and pretty bride with a heart of gold! I Love her and never cheated on her!
When I showed our pictures to everyone, they fell in love with her and still say she is the prettiest and simplest bride ever!
HerculesTheLegend HerculesTheLegend
18-21, M
Apr 7, 2012