I Love My Wife, She Is My Best Friend.

In fact we dont really have any other friends, either of us. My old friends turned out to be disappointments, and dropped away soon after I met her, and her friends were users who took advantage of her good nature. If I could, I'd stay home with her every day, in fact I plan to when our business becomes successful enough for me to quit my job. I dont understand men who want to spend all their time with friends, or who moan about 'women', and how different they are. I've never connected with anyone the way I have with my wife, certainly not any friend. We have problems abd arguments, but nobody ever gets me apart from her, and neither have I ever understood someone else so well.

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4 Responses Feb 23, 2009

Well, my wife is the typical woman in that she really does talk too much! But my situation is very similar to yours, neither of us have any other close friends, it's really only each other we've got. And that's fine, we only have the time for each other anyway. My wife actually started off as a best friend before I got even closer to her and married her. We quibble and have our ticked-off moments with each other, but neither of us would be without the other. It's just pure love between us (and I'm not being dirty here, lol).

Lovely.............God bless both of you................:)

I know exactly how you feel. Thirty plus years, and its more that way today than ever before. We share everything, and there is no one I'd rather be with.

I'm only married in my heart, practical considerations are in the way of me proposing at this time, but I have never met a woman I felt so connected to before. I never get tired of being with her...