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String C-umshots & L-icking Her Fingers Off Like A ****.....

I need to get a digital camera so I can show some c-umshots and you can see it in her mouth and running down her lips and chin. Then some drips onto her t-its. She will most of the time scoop up as much as possible and leave the rest on her lips, face and chin for later and for me to watch her looking like that. The c-um she scoops up she will put it on her t-its and she will play with my c-um on one t-it and n-ipple and I will rub my c-um into her other t-it and n-ipple. This is exciting for both of us and she can see how much I love her and how sexy she is. She will try to lean her head back as far as possible and pull strings of c-um out of her mouth and them lick her fingers off. She will do this over and over and when she gets a really long string of c-um she will talk to me telling me how much she loves those long strings of c-um while teaseingly playing with it and licking her fingers off, she really likes that!. Once she tires off playing with strings of my c-um she will empty her mouth of c-um either into her hand or mine and we will rub as much c-um all over her face for a c-um facial and I always help to massage her face with my c-um. I also usually help gathering excess c-um from wherever I can find extra on her body, it takes a lot to cover her face. Sometimes we cannot cover her whole face but we do the best we can!. She leaves it on until it starts to dry about ten minutes and she claims it makes her facial skin so much softer, better than any make-up she has ever used. OK, we both want to know how you other woman feel about doing what we have told you about here. Are you prudes, will you try it all, have you tried part or all of what we do?. Let us know and if you guys and gals want to discuss it send us a message we would both be happy to answer any question, especially dirty hot and s-lutty type questions to whom you direct it to, either Jenny or me, Jim. So start writing we are waiting here, but we are leaving town on Friday morning for a several day get-a-way. Oh, I love to shut my machine shop down for these get aways, I ge to hold a t-it all the time and watch her play her games which we have already written several of, check them out and reply on those also. We will answer when we return and recuperate....... Jim & Jenny.....
yahoojim yahoojim 51-55 May 30, 2012

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