My Wife's Fattening

When I first met Angela, she was fit and trim -- exercised, jogged, watched what she ate and weighed about 125 pounds. After we moved in together, we ate out a lot, did a lot of cooking and drinking and generally lazing about. She went on the pill and her weight started to balloon. Over that summer she quickly gained 30 pounds!

At first, I wasn't too thrilled with the extra weight on my once fashionably thin girlfriend. Her formerly flat, firm stomach was now bloated and covered with a thick layer of fat. She wasn't too happy about the change either and talked about losing weight. She had been plump in high school and had worked hard to trim down. But now the diets would only last a couple of days and then go "out the window" as she succumbed to the temptation of her favorite foods and skipping the workouts. Her mother even asked her if she was pregnant!

However, after a few months, I found that I was becoming more attracted to her new, plumper figure. I think I always felt pressure to have a girlfriend that fit the popular norms of beauty, but when I realized that neither of us would be happy worrying about what other people think, I came to accept my attraction to the "fuller-figured Angela." I told her so, and though it seemed to come as a surprise to her at first, it ultimately was a great relief. I don't think she could see any way to easily get back to her former figure and now she didn't need to worry about it. She always had a big appetite and enjoyed eating and cooking and now she could indulge in those activities without guilt.

You can probably guess the rest. She continued to pack on the pounds, going on half-hearted diets from time to time when she felt she had gotten too big. After three years, she had gone from 115 pounds and a size 4 dress to 175 pounds and a size 16. A year later, we got married and by December her weight had zoomed up to 198 pounds.

At this point, Angela has given up on diets and eats to her heart's content. It seems that the bigger she gets the hungrier she is and the more and more she eats. Three years ago, she weighed in at over 300 pounds and is now probably well over 350 or approaching 400 pounds (our scale only went up to 330). At this weight, her stomach has grown huge and she has grown lazy and avoids moving around if possible, which will certainly make her gain more.

Latest update: 412 pounds
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please can update the photos pleases

Thank you for the first 'before and after' photo! i can't seem to open the other photos. i am so happy for you both. you don't talk much about your sex life together but i hope you both delight in her fattened body and enjoy great pleasure together! Wish i could see more photos of the fattening of Angela. Best Wishes, Ampler

My wife topped off at about 330 pounds, at which time she developed adult onset diabetes and high blood pressure. That effectively ended her weight gain, as she was obligated by her doctor to lose weight. Since then she has lost 50 pounds and plans to lose another 50 or 60 pounds. We compromised. She agreed to stay fat, but not fat enough to endanger her health. I remember just how beautiful and sexy she was at 220 pounds, so it's OK with both of us if she gets down that low again. But can she get her weight down that low? It turns out it is a lot easier to maintain low weight than to try to lose excess weight after you have gained it. I love my wife and couldn't imagine life without her, so for her health's sake, I'll support her effort to lose a little more weight. Sure beats becoming a lonely widower. She and I share the same doctor, who sternly lectured both of us on the health hazards of obesity.
What a shame, though. It was wonderful to watch my lovely wife more than double her weight. Nice while it lasted ...

Wow you are a Lucky man!

Quite the lazy hog you have there

You think so?

I'm sorry but plump is super sexy! But now she's Obese and it's very unhealthy!

But super-duper sexy, don't you think?

My wife has been packing on the pounds too.

I think she's awesome and looks better this way but what do her parents think

We moved to a different part of the country so we don't see the too much anymore, but before that, when Angela started getting into the 200+ range, her mother did give her a hard time about it and told her at thanksgiving once that she was going to eat herself to death. I think she's pretty much given up at this point.

Great story

Well that is something. You really prefer her at the morbidly obese stage as opposed to the cute little thing she used to be?

She's still super cute to me :)
And she's happy too.

everyone is different :)

Just keep in mind the health risks. I peaked at 265 and thought I was in okay shape and health. But then, over the last couple of years, I lost 95 pounds. It is unbelievable how much better I feel. I can do more. Before, it wasn't laziness to not take the stairs - I seriously couldn't go up more than two or three flights of stairs. Now I go up and down six flights several times per day, I have more energy to play with my kids and do the things I want to do. I can shop at regular stores. When I step on the scale at the doctor's office, I get a "you're doing great," instead of a lecture about my family's history of diabetes. I had never given any of this a lot of consideration when I was bigger - it felt normal to me to carry around all of that extra weight every minute of the day - but now that I have lost it (and am continuing to), I just feel so much better, so much healthier, so much stronger. Gaining a few pounds = not a big deal. Upper 200's, into the 300's and 400's? It's a killer. Don't kid yourself that it's just about society norms and personal preference. Obesity is suicide.

go her

I don't want to die so not trying to get fat that's stupid if you want to die

She looks great now. I am in the process of fattening up my woman, she just hit 300 and looks great, now on to 400! Love the fat women!

She is very well rounded and sexy she needs to gain more.your very lucky to watch her grow and grow .

i love yr wife growing

"I don't think she could see any way to easily get back to her former figure and now she didn't need to worry about it. She always had a big appetite and enjoyed eating and cooking and now she could indulge in those activities without guilt."<br />
<br />
I could not have said that any better myself. Thanks for reading my mind! My beautifully fat wife will most likely never get back (read my entries at "Fat and Probably Not Going Back."<br />
<br />
Last night as I massage her full body, I told her that I love her legs, upper arms, belly, thighs, breasts, belly!, etc. She needed to know that I am perfectly fine loving her the way she is and if she is okay with her body, knowing how much I desire, lust, and need her, then she can stay the way she is or get bigger. <br />
<br />
On the other hand, our society does not favor larger women, for the most part-lazy, stupid, fat, ugly. There are those like myself who love the larger women. I love ALL women but when given the choice, I will lust the one with the belly hanging over her pants more than the skinny one. <br />
<br />
It does need to be mentioned that there are health risks for a person with this much weight and these cannot be ignored. There has to be fitness balanced with sloth otherwise, I may lose my lucious wife.<br />
<br />
It appears that your wife has 'grown' quite a bit. I especially like the photo in red. There does come a point where weight lose is too unthinkable so comfort sits in. My wife has reached that point now. Not likely that she will be like she was 25 years ago. Nor for me-balding, belly, not quite as quick (or cute) as I used to be, so I cannot expect that. Now, I just need to let her know that I love regardless, and mysteriously, even getting fatter. It is my job to make her feel comfortable with her self when there is no sign of her wanting or able to lose weight. She is so hottt to me and I welcome any chance to get my hands, mouth, tongue and other thing on her and in her.

She is beautiful! Lucky man

thanks for letting me know what i would look like if i dont keep up my diet ...... ugggg

You don't know what you're missing!

She's totally missing out on the fun!

no thanks.......

It feels great to be fat and to know people like you fat too.

he does buy me my favorite foods, and it anit necessarily junk foods.

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You are so freaking lucky!

Dang Dude. Lol.