All The Time......

My wife NEVER wears panties....EVER!!!!! &, only wears a bra once in a while......but, not very often.. She wears jeans to work, (seems unaware her "camel-toe" is showing!!), I always a low-cut top! She is very proud of her DD ****, & likes the attention they draw!! After work, the first thing she does, is , pulls off her jeans......usually puts on a favorite , short skirt.....feels better to her.!! She does'nt have to bend over very far at all, & her *** & **** is showing-----I always wait for her to change, THEN, tell her we have to go get gas, go to the store, go buy some booze, etc. etc......9 times out of 10, she's too tired to change again, so, just goes as she is.........It's fun to watch as guys , & (gals), get a good look at her ****, ***, & ****!!!!!!!! She usually has a few drinks, when she gets home...I make 'em good & strong......knowing she will lose any innibitions she may have........Several friends & family have seen her exposed ****, & barely covered ****!!!!!!!! She acts like she is'nt aware, but, I think she likes showing-off all her goodies!!!!..........
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Great look, even better with tights, which brings on a natural camel toe while defining her ***....That's what my wife does and she draws the sly fond glipeses that she really loves, which I support and encourage.


Did any of her family appreciate seeing her *****?

Yes, several times......

I'm definitely liking the sound of that :) so tell me, what happened?


I had a girl dress like that. We lived together for some time and she ALWAYS showed what she had 'accidentaly'!

i would love it so much if my wife did things like that but she is not into things as far as i know<br />
me i love sucking **** when i can get it wife well she woulde love to **** my bro she allways saying he is so much better fatter then you rlittle ****

very hot man!

she loves it