My Wife Out Shopping In The Mall. No Panties Or Bra On.

My wife and I left the kids home for the day. It was to be a fun day for us and especially a sexually hot *** grabbing day. I wore a paiar of short shorts my wife cut off the legs for me so I would be able to set up exposure events as well. My wife wore her sport skirt but left off her undeer briefs and she opted for a sweater short sleeve top without her bra. Now this seems very uneventful but my wife has those obviously large nipples which get alot of attention from both sexes.
We drove to the mall and on the freeway she sat nest to me in the car and with her legs straddling the trannie hump, her short sport skirt was wwwaaay to short to hide her naked pussey. A number of drivers with vehicles higher than ours were driving along side just to take a peek and my wife was perfect. She sat legs astride the hump apart and never looked to see them. I had a huge hard on and she was massagging my thigh which didn't help.
Soon we arrived at our destination. The mall was busy for a summer day and my wife said she was excited to get things going. We were a little hungry so we went to the food court first. We bought a couple of fish n chips, and sat across from a cuople of women who were cute looking and about our age in meddle 30's. They had on short dresses or shorts like my wife. My wife and I just talked and disucssed our mission and as we talked I noticed the women taling but looking under our table. I figured it was my wifes skirt and naked pusssey, bbut it didn't take long to realize they also saw my **** showing down my shorts pantleg. My wife noticed too so she leaned int me letting her legs spread apart and her hand ran down to my exposed ****. She let her finger lightly rub my cokhead and it almost sprang out of my pants. 1 woman gave a gasp and they hurried and picked up their dishes flush faced and went out of the food court. My wife giggled and sort of pushed my **** back in my pants worried another might not appreciate it. We walked for a bit and it was obvious guys were interested in my wifes *** and short skirt. We went to a department store and my wife's favorite thing is to show off in a dressing room. She went to the lingerie department picked up a few bras, slips and nighties to try on. I sat in a seat close to the dressing room. My wife did her usual and picked a dressing room right at the door. From here she could do a great job on anyone willling to watch. The curtain wasn't all the way closed so I could see her take off her sweater, her **** popped out and swung a bit and her nipples told on her. They were turgid hard. she then dropped her skirt to the floor and anyone could se she was now naked. My wife was sooo good at the innocent act. Her naked body was on view, a couple of guys wating for their wives stood right behind me and just watched the show. I used a paper to act like I was unaware, but from mirrors I could tell the guys were horny and hard. My wife tried on a few bras, kpulled off slowly and again gave a nice frontal view of her *******. she even once rubbed them and I herad on guy just moan. Soon there was this silly laaugh coming from the guys. They both new they were watching the same show. Then to really get these guys going my wife pulls on a slip and after moving around showing off her senuous body, she pulled the slip off and bent over for them to see her awesome *** and naked pussey. She almost bent to the floor acting like the slip was difficult to pull off. I leaned back and said, shes really hot isn't she? Their faces were beet red. I said if you guys want she would love a better time at the AVS adult video store just down the street. One guy said he would love to but wife is keeping him busy but really got hot and loved her show. The other fella said you must be kidding? I said no she is a great exibitionist but she prefers multiple *****. He said if we could meet in a few hours he could meet outside the store and we could go into the theatre part and play. So when my wife got thru I told her about the meating and she thought that was awesome. We went about our business and we both got horny and excited by a fe more adventures and later met the guy at the video theatre.
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Cool I can only dresm

great story. i would love to go out without wearing my bra & panties too.

Why couldn't you go without your undies and bra on? bet you would be awesome.

Awesome story. Got me hard.

Great Day! I'll look forward to hearing about the adventures in the AVS.