Short Dresses Without Panties

When we first got married my wife wore very short dresses. At work and during the day she wore panties, but when we went out at night it was different. My favorite dress was this green zipper front number. Short enough that if she bent over it shoed the bottom of her butt cheeks. When we would go out to a restaurant or bar she wore this with nothing underneath. She started out being very careful to keep legs tightly together and the zipper at a respectable level. The more drinks, the lower the zipper and the looser the legs. Out on the dance floor, during slow numbers, I would feel her bare butt under the dress. I also kept inching the zipper lower without her noticing. One night I had the zipper down to her belly button by the time we got to our car. I really cant say how many people may have seen her bare butt or ***** all the times she wore that dress, but I sure due enjoy the thought that it may have been many.
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3 Responses Jun 9, 2011

You wicked man, you are delightful.

I wish you could have seen her too. She wont wear short dresses any more because she doesnt like her legs now. OK they may not look quite as good as they did in her majorette uniform in high school, but they still look good enough.

I love the story~wish I could have seen her with the dress on...