A Wife Wearing No Panties

I would like my husband love that I wear no panties, because I really love wear no panties sometimes.

I enjoy go downtown without panties and bra as often as I can, and of course I do that without my husband.

Sometimes I feel very thrill to go with him to a party and wearing no panties without his knowledge, and I love to show flash to other men, that excites my a lot.


Jennylou83 Jennylou83
26-30, F
1 Response Jan 19, 2010

Well, maybe he should talk to me; then I can explain him how much I love it for my wife to go out with me without panties and flirt with other men (read my story).<br />
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I think some men do not like it because a) they have not thought this well through or b) they are not sure about themselves or their relationship.<br />
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I on the hand however love if when my wife does this in my presence. I rather have her doing it with me than sneeking behind my back, which I know she does not do because not only she loves it but I love it also. It only improves our relationship and gives us steamy sex in return. <br />
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I wish you strength and luck in convincing your husband. Maybe if he reads my story and other stories on this topic, he might understand it better and even start experimenting with it. You both win!