She's Shy, But An Exhibitionist...

My gf, like many women (and men) has concerns about her body. She's naturally shy, but I also know she has an exhibitionist side to her. Recently I talked with her about my participation on EP and showed her some profiles, stories etc. I think that she is a little competitive as well because she soon let me know she wanted to take some pics and post. This caught me by surprise, but I appreciated her boldness and taking the initiative. So, we took pics when we were fooling around and I know it thrilled her. My favorite part, however was editing the pictures, choosing the right ones and posting them to my profile- especially the fact that she was right there with me giving me her input. Now that is quality time! :)

P.S. Just a heads up, if anyone takes a peak at my pics: they don't show faces, there are just a few, and I'm in a few as well, so don't be shocked to see some of that.
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3 Responses Jul 25, 2010

great pics. Now the question is.. does she like the more crude comments or the flattering ones? Bill in Va. <br />
p.s. please keep us updated on any pic adds!<br />
She's a cutie.. A request? A full body pic either front or back..

Yes they are nice pix (sexy)

good for your for sharing, I hope she enjoys the comments and screws your brains out!