She's Such A Show-off

My wife continues to amaze me in how she is losing her inhibitions.  I've been out of town on business for a few days, and she phoned tonight to tell me how great the weather is back home.  She said she spent most of the day in her bikini in the front yard, and had numerous drivers slow down, and 2 even stopped to talk to her, making small talk about the yard.  Our yard is nothing to talk about, so it's clear what they stopped for.

After she got bored in the yard, she hopped on her bike and pedaled around town... in her bikini.  This isn't something you ever see in our town.  

I just love it!
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5 Responses Aug 7, 2010

Great story - and a very fun wife! My wife typically will wear a bikini top when working in the yard. Would be better if she also wore the bottom part as well. Recently as it was still cool she wore a thin t-shirt and no bra, which also made yard work more fun. I was washing something and had a spray nozzle on the hose and threatened to soak her for a wet t-shirt contest but she made it clear it was too cold and she would not be happy if I did. Was still tempting though. Maybe when it warms a little more... ;)

Wonderful! Wish I had been there.

Great story dropyertop! I love seeing my wifes nipples poke through her t-shirt and most of the time she has no idea they stick out so far. It;s great!

Fuuny story...I used to work in a small southern town, and one Saturday I went to a diner to get breakfast.While I was outside finishing my coffee, I noticed a young lady across the street, wearing a thin white tshirt, cutting the grass. The humidity was 100%, so it was better than a wet tshirt she mowed, her pretty little ******* would bounce all over, and her nips were hard...I got a big cup of tea,and carried it across the street, and gave it to her,telling her it was too hot to work that hard outside, and as were were chatting, a guy drove by slow and beeped. She said, "people have been doing that all morning", and I told her her shirt was transparent...she just glanced down and giggled ( making her cute Bcups jiggle again!), and said, "I wondered why so many people were waving at me today"

I would have LOVED seeing her ride her nike in her tenny bikini!<br />
I'l bet she caused a few accidents too!<br />
LOVE to see women dressed in very little........or NOTHING AT ALL!