Double Hernia Surgical Repair II

I saw my surgeon today; my surgeon had been called-in for emergency surgery early that morning; therefore, I saw her intern first. I told the intern that I understood that and I was fine with it as long as I was examined for surgery--she said she would. She asked me a lot of questions about why I thought I had a double hernia and whom I had seen. She looked through my doctor's referral and commented on it, then she asked, 'How do you feel?' I responded, 'My groin feels as though everything is falling out the bottom; also, there is a constant ache from my groin, testicles, and scrotum. Sometimes, there would be acute pain.' Finally, she said, 'Let's take a look.' Then she put on blue gloves, had me pull down my jeans, and sit on an examining bench. She gave my groin a complete look before she palpitated my scrotum and testicles, then had me turn and cough. Several times she asked if she hurt me and I grunted 'Yes,' and 'No.' At last she said, 'You have a breech of your earlier hernia, which was to be expected, and you have a big hernia on your right side. I'll have a surgeon examine you for surgery.' She then told me to dress and she would find a surgeon. I dressed, sat on the chair, and read my book as I waited for a surgeon. There was a knock on the door and the intern entered the room to ask, 'Is a male surgeon acceptable to do the surgery?' 'No, he is not', I answered. 'I wish to see my scheduled surgeon or another female surgeon.' She nodded, said she understood, and would return with her when she finished emergency surgery. About 30 minutes later she returned with the surgeon I had come to see that day, finished with her emergency surgery. She was younger than I had expected, thin, and attractive. She introduced herself and asked several questions, then had me lower my jeans to examine me. She had me turn and cough; also, she had be bear down hard. She muttered, 'Yes! Yes!' She then had me lie on the bench for further examination. She explained what she examined and why to the intern; said I definitely had 2 hernias: my original hernia had broken through with a bigger hernia on the right side. She then had me dress and we discussed surgery. 'I can repair your hernias, but I can not make them perfect,' she said. 'I understand that,' I said. She said should would use mesh on both sides as reinforcement. We discussed what she would do and asked if I had any questions. I had one question, to me, a very important question. I needed to have the surgery no earlier than June; my wife was do to return from Nepal at the end of May. My surgeon said that would be no problem as she was booked through May. I left to await a booking phone call from her receptionist sometime in June.
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It is at once mortifying and excited to be examined by multiple females!