Nudist Beach

My husband and i had decided to go to the nudist beach (one of many occasions) had been there for a few hours and decided to pack up and head home. When we had reach our car my husband and i were very horny he was sitting on the van steps with his rock hard ***** hanging out i so wanted to ride him but there was a male sitting in his car about a car length away  and if he looked in his side mirrors he would have seen us. My husband kept saying go on **** me he’s not paying any attention. I am a very quiet shy person and it takes hubby a while to convince me to try new things and i love keeping my hubby happy. I love to try spicing up our sex life coz it really turns my husband on and keeps things interesting. I debated for a couple of minutes and then thought bugger it i’m horny so i eased myself on to my husbands rock hard throbbing **** . I was surprised how wet my ***** was as my thoughts kept going back to the man and what if he caught us. After a couple of strokes of my husbands **** sliding in and out of my wet ***** i forgot everything around us and just kept riding him.  After a while we stopped and i had surprised myself on how horny i actually was over the thought of being caught by a stranger my ***** was so wet. We don’t know if he seen or not and my husband hopes he did !
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2 Responses Mar 11, 2010

Hope there are many more fun adventures and stories

Very hot! Wish I could watch you two.