So Erotic, Sex Inducing!

Flirtation, or the art of flirting! We have all done it from time to time and it is also an incredible, awesome feeling to have someone intentionally flirt with you.

Not realizing as I am very prone to be complimentary to females, a smile and nice gestures and compliments,...I have been told by my wife that I am a flirt. So, if guilty as charged, I will proudly take the title of such if my genuine nice compliments makes a female feel good.

On the other hand, wife is one of those females in which men can't help but turn their heads and notice her. Not trying to brag, but she is hot!

She is both my blessing and my curse! It is not easy,...excuse my french as they say, but to have a wife which all the guys clearly if by no other reason than their body language reflect they want to **** her.

While I am not bad looking, I am not one of the silver screen man of the year type or voted sexiest man.

My wife on the other hand has told me the stories of many guys in her years prior to me that tried to hit on her, bed her and many were in AWESOME shape. Those guys in which most women would do anything to simply touch the guys body.

So I asked her,...why if you had that opportunity did you not take advantage?

Her response, that which I have heard from more than one female,...he was too in love with himself to have any love left for a woman.

So true, yet thinking in the male mind,...why did you not simply use him for a sex toy then, your pleasure?

The response again,...while she could have very easily done that, his attitude and love for himself was that which prevented it and inspired the flirting instead.

Flirting I asked? Yes she replied, have you ever seen someone or something that you wanted badly but could not have? Sure I replied! Well then there is your answer she said!

Most of those guys, so in love with themselves felt they could have and get any woman that they wanted. A woman needs love, passion and commitment and you don't get that from a guy so in love with himself and with so many women wanting him. So, she continued, I came to enjoy simply flirting with them, showing an interest and then ensuring that they knew they could not have all that they thought they could.

Wow I replied, so that would mean that although I am not that hot sexy male body that most women including you might like and enjoy, you chose to have second best?

No she replied, I took and have the best! A woman wants to be loved and know that the man in her life loves her more than he loves himself. You treat me like a princess and to top it off, through all our years together, you still allow me to not only enjoy the eye candy, but also to flirt with them!

Why would a woman want to be with a man like that beyond physical pleasure, sex?

Because he is visually appealing I replied! See, that is the problem with you guys, you are primarily visual! Us women see the person on the inside and if you treat us right, we will rock your world in every way.

Wow I replied, never thought of it that way. So you are telling me that you have no physical interest in any of those hot body guys, back then or even now, the ones that after all our years continue to show and interest to be physical with you?

Don't get me wrong she said, their bodies are hot and it would be awesome to have sex with such a hot body,...but the sex could never replace the way YOU love and treat me.

Wow I replied again, only to have her close with,...since you seem to have such an interest as to why I do not reflect an interest in these type of guys, as you are such an open and giving husband, perhaps one day with your permission I will indulge myself and have my way with them, use them as my toy, yet ONLY if you are there!

I would show them just how good I can take care of a man and with that whole flirting aspect,...I would want them to see me leave with you, advising them that you get me every night!

Needless to say,...I encourage and embrace her flirting, knowing that I will always be her #1.
lovetowritenaughty lovetowritenaughty
Aug 13, 2013