I love getting my wife to go braless when we go out. I got her to wear a lace top with nothing on underneath. it was purple and hardly concealed her nipples. we went to dinner she wore a light jacket over her top, I told her whenever the waitress came by, to open her jacket so a breast would show. It was so hot. After dinner we went to a bar, it was warm in there so she took off her jacket. Guys were staring at her **** the whole night. I was so hard watching them watch her!
Dingo7734 Dingo7734
46-50, M
8 Responses May 13, 2011

Very sexy! I'd love to see and live that!

Wonderful peeks!

has she ever done anything like that since? What is her breast size? Nipples?

36c with nice pokie nips. Got her to go bar hopping braless last week.

It's a great feeling watching others trying to get closer look of her ****

You need to put the very small nipple chain that attaches to each nipple with a nylon loop that you tighten around the nipple and keeps it twice there normal size and the chain drapes between the nipples. You should see men and woman stare and the fun ones love it...

Oh yeah! One guy kept getting closer to her to see her **** thru the lace.

always great fun doing this type thing!

Lovely! Great fun and what a firm hard on you had ... eh?