Excitement At Applebees

We went to Applebees for dinner few weeks ago. Wife was wearing a top with a deep neck and bra (She is still a bit conservative to go out without bra all the time). The top was form-fitting at the bottom of her boobs, but pretty loose at the cleavage part. So even without her doing anything, her bra was clearly visible along with the wide cleavage. At the table I kept dropping my napkin and silverware just to see her bend down and **** almost spill out :).

I told her now hard my ***** was, seeing her in such sexy dress, and asked her to entertain me a bit more. She said that she wasn't going to do anything crazy, but she lowered her top a bit more which made the top of her boobs clearly visible to anyone passing by. Suddenly our waiter was showing more attention to our table was clearly enjoying what was served to him.

On our way out of the restaurant, my wife went to the restroom, and when she came back there was a bulge in her purse, and her jugs were bobbing merrily. My sweet little **** had apparently got bold enough and removed her bra. Sure enough there were more than a few pairs of eyes enjoying the show, and I was too :). She let the girls free all the way back to home, and let me play with them and expose them while I was driving. It was pretty dark, so I don;t think anyone saw her in the car, but she was rewarded nicely when we got home ;)
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7 Responses May 16, 2012

Most excellent night out!

Now that is a nice story....with a lovely ending...or was it a happy ending!!!

That's hot! Why is it that seeing your wife braless in public is so much more exciting than seeing her at home?

Simple, knowing others may see her too! Such a huge turn on!

Very nice!

Very good

That was hot; nice to know your wife tries to make you happy and contented. Please add.

man that was hot ..she sounds like a sexy lady... please add