Takes Off Her Bra In The Restaurant

Friday night I worked late before picking up my wife from the airport as she returned from a business trip. We were both tired so we decided to go out to dinner. My wife was wearing somewhat conservative business attire - slacks and a jacket over a cream blouse. Once we got to the restaurant she immediately took off the jacket. Our high-backed booth was relatively private and we were hidden except from one other spot in the restaurant and when someone walked by our table.

Shortly after being seated my wife decided to take off her bra. She didn't say anything to me and she didn't go to the restroom, she just pulled it off right in the booth and stuffed it in her purse. It was unexpected, adventurous, and very sexy. That alone would have made for a memorable dinner but the rest of the evening I got to watch her nipples protrude through the thin material of her blouse.

I love the way breasts sway and nipples stand out when a woman goes braless. Halfway through the meal my wife headed to the restroom, leaving her jacket in the booth. I could watch her part of the way and enjoyed watching the gentle bounce of her breasts. I also loved that her nipples were clearly noticeable to anyone who cared to look.

She returned from the restroom and I got an even better eyeful of my wife, this beautiful woman, professionally dressed, with her 36c breasts moving freely and thick nipples clearly visible. She sat down and unbuttoned a couple of buttons so that I, sitting to her side, could often see down her blouse and to her ****.

Dinner seemed to be getting better and better. My wife knows I love to watch her hands on her **** and she regularly caressed and squeezed them. She would pinch and rub her nipples through the fabric with the obvious affect being that her nipples were hard and prominent throughout dinner. She next put her hand on her opposite cheek, slowly ran it down her jaw and neck, then continued further down and inside her shirt to twist her nipples. Her nipples weren't the only thing hard and she ran her opposite hand up my thigh to my crotch. "Just checking to see how I'm doing" she said with a smile.

This continued throughout the meal. We had a waitress so, although there was a thrill of possibly being caught, there wasn't the thrill of being seen by another guy. Except, of course, if someone happened to walk by. My wife flashed me a couple of times and even let me suck her *** twice.

Sadly, the meal came to an end and we paid our check. She grabbed her jacket but didn't put it on as we walked out through the packed restaurant and her nipples were still hard and visible.

As we pulled out of the parking lot my wife unbuttoned the rest of her blouse and pulled it open, fully exposing her ****. We were the only car at the first stoplight and she asked me to put the top down on the convertible as she wanted "to feel the wind on her ****." My **** immediately got harder.

It's about a twenty minute drive from the restaurant and she left her shirt open the entire time. It's mostly a two-lane road so cars going our direction were either in front of us or behind us and thus could't see. As it was dark and we were traveling pretty fast, cars coming toward us would have only a short glimpse before being past us and wondering if they had, indeed, just seen a topless woman.

She played with her **** through much of the drive and constantly rubbed her nipples. But my favorite is when she cups her breasts and lifts it up so she can lick and suck her own nipples. I love it every time she does this and I have to work hard to ensure I don't wreck the car.

She sank a little lower in the car as we entered our neighborhood but she didn't button up until we pulled into the garage and I put the top back up. Actually, I don't think she ever buttoned up and went up the stairs with her shirt trailing behind her. Needless to say the night didn't end there, but I'll let your imagination guess what happened next.
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She sounds like a fun gal! Good for her!!

Nice story, and very nice wife. I like it when mine does this kind of things...

Awesome story, i love it when my wife does that, it gives me an instant hard on, the thrill of it always spills into a long night of fun

Out of curiosity angusdog, what does your wife do? I'm glad we both have adventurous fun wives!

Mmm, great story! My wife sometimes does things like that to tease me too. And like yours, when she's in the mood, she doesn't really worry if anyone else is watching!<br />
<br />
A couple weeks ago, we went out for a nice dinner date at an upscale Italian restaurant. She had a pastel green silk blouse on, with a short black silk skirt, along with stockings and heels. She doesn't go braless often, as she has 38D's and prefers the support. But she has several quarter-cup bras that completely expose her nipples, and she wore one of those. Sitting across the table, I could see hints of her nipples as she moved.<br />
<br />
When we'd finished dinner, we ordered a dessert to share, along with after-dinner drinks. She winked at me, and grabbed a strawful of ice water out of her water glass. She put the end inside her blouse and emptied it over her breast, then took another strawful and emptied it over the other breast. Of course, the ice water had an immediate effect and her nipples were fully erect and very visible through the silk blouse, which had two small wet spots.<br />
<br />
As we continued enjoying our after dinner drinks, she kept taking more ice water in the straw and continued wetting her breasts. After doing this a few times, she just started emptying the strawfuls of water on the outside of the silk blouse, right over each of her nipples. They continued to stand erect and the now wet silk was molded to the outline. Of course, she had me rock hard and wanting her badly! This continued for about 20 minutes, and by the time I paid the bill and we got up to leave, virtually the entire front of her silk blouse was soaking wet, and her nipples continued to be very clearly visible. She got up and we walked through the dining room past the other diners and out of the restaurant. I could see several men staring at her as we walked by.<br />
<br />
I was so hot by now that when we got to the parking lot where our car was at, I pushed her against the car and sucked her erect nipples through the wet silk until she came! What an erotic experience!

Wow! That must have been a great night! Like a lot of guys here, I wish I was there to see it.

My wife also loves the quarter-cup bras. (I think I've either posted or commented on one of the 'open nipple bras' groups) She started out only wearing them in the bedroom but it wasn't long before she was wearing them in public. Now she's fairly open to wearing them any time it's just us (ie, no kids).

I'm glad your wife is so fun and that you both have youthful, energetic attitudes. As you've said elsewhere, you're only as old as you feel (or act). I know some young adults who, sadly, seem to act awfully old.

Here's hoping we both have many more memorable dinners out in the near future! Thanks for posting.