Braless Shopping

Recently I took my wife out shopping. Told her that I would buy her whatever she wants if she goes braless which she did. She was wearing a tight top that showed her nipple when the were erect. We first went to a couple of dress shops and an elderly guy and the security lady noticed her nipples and were staring. The man liked it but don't think the woman did. Then she wanted to buy some groceries and she went in to small department store and the moment she got down from the car I saw her nipples standing up and clearly visible. When she went in, I could still see the through the shop window. She spent about ten minutes inside and cam to the cashier and there was a small queue. Yes her nipples were still jutting out. Looks like she was enjoying herself. I almost came in my pants.
storyteller7 storyteller7
1 Response Aug 20, 2013

hey i love 2 see ur wife nipples