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I Have Had Several Good Relationships With Both Men And Women, Before I Got Married, The Sex I Had With The Men Was Good Buy Not Long Lasting, They Some How Didnt Have Everything I Wanted From A Relationship, Bur Sex And Romance With Women Met All My Expe

My wife often puts on a PVC mac and walks around the house, I wear just PVC pants or along pair of PVC overtrousers, we have always since we were married enjoyed PVC and Plastic, my wife enjoys fondling me when I am wearing my plastic pants, she knows I love it we sometimes have a 69 together, its fantastic the smell of the PVC and the vagina is out of this world, whilst she is gently rubbing or sucking my erect penis, we often go to bed wearing our new PVC see through pyjamas, we bought the ones with hoods on, so that we can put them on backwards so that when, we are having sex, we can smell the PVC, and tightness of breath, it really always ends with both of us coming violently together, more could you want, when I am finished I get into my thick nappy pad and PVC pants for the night, I am not allowed to walk around the house in them, other than at bed time, I have suffered with night time incontinence since birth, I am now sixty seven years old and still going.
BasilP BasilP 66-70, M 3 Responses Feb 21, 2012

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You are very lucky to have a wife who is into the same thing as you. By the way, doesn't baby oil harm the PVC?. I use water-ba<x>sed lube most of the time

I was told it doesnt harm the material, its rubber that it effects, I have also tried baby talc powder put into the pants, the feeling is really good. all the best BasilP..

Hi hotwilly, I was born with a bladder problem, and as lasted all my life just recently, I have at to wear a pad and plastic pants during the day so I wear them 24/7 now, they dont appeal to me but its all full lot of wet clothes and beds if I dont.<br />
Me and the wife love to wear PVC outside when ever we can, whilst on holiday I wear bikini type pvc pants under my swimming trucks, so does the wife, when you lay on them they seem to wrap themselves around my penis, at night we wear our new PVC pyjamas, we often have a 69 session in them, when she rubs my penis or sucks my penis through the PVC I usually climax very quickly, I also love putting my tongue insider her through the pvc, the smell of the pvc and her vagina makes me want to do it alnight, they are also part of our love making, we turn our coats around so that the tight hood is over our faces, it restricts the breathing and the smell of the pvc makes us have a heavy and sometimes violent climax together, we also got out in the rain walking out dog in one of our different PVC rain suits we have, another thing we do is put some baby oil inside your tightest fitting pvc pants and put them on whilst your out shopping, every little movement you make is fantastic, she normally gives me a rub to relieve me on the way home, we think PVC is the greatest thing ever made.

Love plastic / pvc - never worn plastic pants & nappy pad - just dont appeal<br />
Do you go out wearing PVC / Plastic?