See-thru Fun

A former g/f and I went to the beach for a week. Beforehand I had brought up swimsuits, and said I hoped she had a nice sexy bikini to wear, and said I usually wore a thong myself, and hoped that was ok. She was a just a tad overweight, and didn't have any genuine bikinis which was a big disappointment. But she did bring several, well I am not sure how to describe them, they were basically a very short dress on top and a standard bikini bottom. A bit like a tankini, but the top was longer and frillier, so it half covered the bottom some of the time.

The first day was uneverntful. She loved my thong and kept teasing me, saying I was going to get in trouble and if I ended up in jail, she wasn't going to bail me out! I kept trying to get her into one of the boardwalk shops to get a proper bikini, but no way. Finally the third day, she discovered she had lost the bottom half of 1 of the suits. I immediately said that's the one I wanted her to wear, so she agreed to wear it with a pair of her underwear. She modeled it for me and this was going to be good, because she picked bright yellow panties that were guaranteeed to look great when wet. Sure enough, when she went in the water everything was on display. She had dark hair and didn't shave "down below", so the contrast with the wet yellow panties was strikingly beautiful. The top covered at most half of the panties, but anytime she walked or moved around you pretty much got a full view. And the back-side always clung to her well endowed *** so nicely, working its way ino the crack and exposing the cheeks.

We were both getting lots of attention from all the men and women around us. Soon it was lunchtime. I tossed on my shorts and t-shirt and we headed back to the Burger King just off the boardwalk. She dried off and followed close behind. But she hadn't put anything on over her suit. I looked at her and smiled, but didn't say anything because I wasn't sure if she was doing this deliberately or had forgotten she didn't have a normal bottom on. As we started down the boardwalk we were definitely getting lots of stares, as most people put on some sort of coverup before leaving the beach. Now her top was long enough that she didn't need a t shirt, but shorts would have been in order. We made it to the Burger King and through the line and got our food without incident. After getting a table we went back for the condiments and passed an older women sweeping up and cleaning the tables. She looked at my g/f, gasped, and went over to her and said "maam, do you know your underwear is showing?" My g/f was real cool and said, no that was her swimsuit. The lady gave her another "once over", kind of snorted and muttered something about how she was on display for everybody in the restaurant. I had overheard the entire incident and it was all I could do to avoid breaking out laughing. Eventually the woman left, and no one else said anything. But I had a good time teasing her that she was the one that was going to have to be bailed out of jail, not me.

The rest of the week was great. We both agreed that had been so much fun that a rerun was definitely in order. She alternated tops, but continued with the thin yellow panties the rest of the week. We did avoid the Burger King, so as not to press our luck, but I insisted she was not allowed to cover up at lunch. She decided the same rule applied to me, so we ate at the boardwalk vending stops, so I could go sans shirt, with my thong on display for all the ladies. Great fun, and we managed the entire week with no other incidents. Sometime I was expecting a lifeguard or the beach patrol to say something to one of us, but all was ok. And I know all the people around us had a great time. The next to last morning, we had just set up our stuff when I heard a very animated squeal "mommy, look, they're back, right over there!"  I looked over to see an 8 or 9 year old girl and her younger brother pointing at us and laughing, while her mother was attempting to shush them up. I calmly went over and, after profuse apologies from the mother, introduced ourselves, and assured her the kids were fine, no problem. We got talking and she ended up coming over and sitting next to us for the rest of the day, much to the kids' delight.
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PSC1: Yes, she certainly was. We only dated for about 8 months, but she was always willing to try lots of cool stuff.