My Wife

my wife to me is as the sun is to the daytime.i'm a dark and negtive person (that does see beauty here and there)and shes upbeat and possitive.she is the lightness that keeps my heart from totaly sinking into the darkness,my soulmate,my reason to go on.
hillbillydaddy hillbillydaddy
36-40, M
4 Responses Dec 12, 2007

thats hot. i'm happy you two found each other. my husband is dark and angry too but when hes like that he wont let any of my lightness in. it seems to only irritate him more. i think you are just giving a harsh analogy of yourself. Someone so dark wouldnt appreciate the lightness of anyone else and you were human enough and sensitive enough to do so. I think you are more like a lion on the outside and a teddy bear on the inside. And that is not a bad thing. I know what it is to be with a real beast. I dont think there is any taming that or maybe i am just not equipped to do so.

Ok,your up to something,lol.<br />

You might be a negetive person sweetheart but you are my sunshine too. being held in your strong arms and feeling your heart beat means the world to me. You are my knight in shining armor and my sole mate. I have learned to live with the way you are and I just deal with it. I will always be here for you and I will always fight by your side.

Thank you.