I Do.

My wife is a gift from God to me.

He put us together after a religious event where a large Christian movement had presented a case for abstinence until marriage and asked for us to make a promise to God. I did not. I promised to love and treat whomever God showed me right. I would do what was right.

Know that when I make a promise to God a real and sincere promise to God, I will always try to keep it. Sometimes it is a struggle. Sometimes a joy. It is always something I take seriously.

So within hours of making that promise I met my wife online for the first time through a mutual friend. The next day we met in person.

I was honest with God and I did not wait until marriage....although my wife tells me I waited longer than most and longer than I had to.

We were engaged around 3 months later and married within 9 months and have been now for over 15 years. I do not regret the decision.

What I do regret is I didn't take more time to figure out who I was before jumping in. I knew I had some gender confusion and a history of cross dressing. While this is a regret it is a minor one. I think if I had figured it out our relationship would have stopped and I would not have 3 amazing kids and her today. I simply can't imagine that.

She is an amazing woman. She has very real struggles with depression due to her bipolar disorder and yet she chooses to sacrifice and educate our children herself rather than relying on our public education system. She has a masters degree and is exceptionally qualified to do this.

Rather than run away from me now that I know I am a transwoman, she chooses to stay and work with me as I work to understand this about me.

She sacrifices herself for others in many ways.

She does have problems with anger and bitterness stemming from abuse but she is constantly renewing herself and growing.

I have the most amazing wife. Superb partner. Best friend. All in one.

How could I do anything less than love her with all my heart and soul just as I promised God before we met? Isn't that what doing the right thing is?

I am blessed because of her.
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I have loved 2 women who were greater persons than I. Sadly, I have not been able to keep them, one thanks to cancer, the other due to a massive coronary.<br />
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Try not to be the best widower, try hard, EVERY DAY to have nothing you wish you HAD done. Do it, whatever it is, to love her so she knows it.

She sounds like an amazing woman, and so are you! I was also led to the love of my life by God two years ago, and we also met on the internet. We have lived together ever since and neither of us have any regrets, only love and laughter.

Thanks Sindi

Thanks Leo and congrats on 33 years!