How It All Began

I met my wife freshman year in College. We were both dating other people. I was dating the girl I had been trying to break up with for a year and a half, and she was dating her on again/off again boyfriend from the past 9 years. She was a Senior, I was a freshman, And we were both tired of putting up with a long distance relationship. I finally managed to make my then girlfriend accept the fact that i did not want to be with her (on Valentine's day, it was a nasty break up actually, but that's a story for somewhere else, if you are really interested I"ll put it in my blog)

Well, that freed up me, but she still was semi-attached. We flirted heavily, and she probably got a little more touchy-feely than one  in a relationship should have gotten, but i knew that i loved this woman and intended to spend my life with her. Eventually, to make her jealous, (as much as I am shamed to admit it) I took a friend out on a couple dates. This infuriated the future wife. She got very jealous (though she still had a boy friend!)

Long story short, We ended up getting together at the start of my Sophomore year and have been together ever since. I love her more every day! We have a beautiful blond haired blue eyed daughter (whom is quite full of herself) and a nice peacful life in the country.
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Together, 5 years, Married 2

thats so beautiful:) im so happy for you, how long have you two been together?