Through All The Ups And Downs...

Through all the ups and downs...I really love my wife and the life we have created together. After 14 years of marriage I have come to realize that nobody is perfect, especially me, and with that there is an amazing amout of work that we must do to keep things moving forward, and to keep that "love" alive. We met a long time ago, and grew up the in same town although we were not close, she and I knew each other but would not be connected until we were out of college. After about 1.5 years of dating we were married, and several years in we hit a major speed bump (an affair), nope it was not me; but through it I came to realize just how much I loved her, just how much the importance of a commitment is and how two people "in love" despite the mistakes we make can pull out of a nose dive and land safely. Years later she would confess that she was "seduced", but none of that really matters anymore. What I reflect on today is that we took a nearly impossible situation and made the best of it, because we loved each other. As we moved forward we took that event and used it as a warning to each other to remain "on guard" aganist the things that tempt us both from doing things that are contray (of any sort) to good partnership. Yes this is not a fairytale marriage, and God was with us through it all, but we are happy, we have loving kids and look forward to everyday together, and hopefully will die in each others arms someday, many years from now. I love my wife, I do.
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9 Responses Jan 14, 2011

You love her and she loves you - you keep that as your solid foundation and you will get through anything else this world throws at you. Good luck !


Good insight


Beautiful :)

Good for you!!!! :) I bailed on my marraige...I was very unhappy. I gave it 10 years......though.....

Love means accepting someone with their weaknesses, Yea, You are right no one is perfect. A wife is a precious gift from God.

Sad that you had to go through that (her affair), but I admire you for being so committed, dealing with it, learning from it, and forgiving her. True love heals all. So kudos to you both for perservering and putting it behind you. All the best my friend. :-)

What an awesome story of love and commitment! Bravo to both of you for standing strong in your marriage, even when such a major speed bump threatened to destroy you.

you are a stronger person than i am, i wish you all the happiness that two people can bring each other