I Have Reveled Small Bits About My Wife

It is all true, except for an occasional exaggeration for light comedy. Since she cannot defend herself, or give her side of the story, here is her public story. no privileged information will be given away. She had a rather rough childhood. She has 2 kids from her first marriage. She is extremely caring, supportive, loyal, if a little crude. She is 100% woman and awesome in everything she does. It it is just that mouth of hers.
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Remind me to edit this one

Okay, but did you delete my question? Did I say something offensive.

Okay, how is she now?

Shes got the old sasha baron cohen sense of humor, eh? i unfortunately inherited my fathers pervertsed sense of humour and say shocking things. people often assume that im willing to and like to pay around. its not true, i just have a twisted sense of humour. another reason i isolate myself.

Nice story

We all have aspects of ourselves that we could improve upon, I'm sure!