Sleeping In....

My wife and I decided it was best for her health if she stopped working and lived at a slower pace, which means she is 'retired' at 31 years and stays home. Even though this is not easy financially, it's a gift I can give her, so she can have less stress physically and mentally. This morning she was laying in bed and half the covers were off of her, exposing her cute panties and she was in a spoon position. I had dressed quietly as not to disturb her and was about to head off to work when I saw how cute she looked in bed. I gave her bum a kiss, then her arm, she stirred a bit, then I kissed her neck, and planted one softly on her mouth. Happy Retirement to her....and to me!
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Very sweet :) you deserve each other..

I need to update this story! My wife, after one year of staying home decided she wanted to return to the workplace. The beauty of it is she found a great job with low stress and they love her there. She is pricing and doing other data processing for this privately owned company. Retirement wasn't as healthy for her as we thought and she just watched a ton of TV. She is happy now, and just got her driver's license and a new car.

Hey mate,<br />
<br />
It was a wonderful gesture of yours. Small sacrifices make your life, Small bits of passion rule your life and small acts like yours, will just make life worth living.<br />
<br />
You are a wonderful husband. Enjoy life

Thank you! It feels right, like the right thing to do.

Yeah, generally women know when things are right... what you have done is 100% right. Be proud like your name

Thank you. i know you love your wife like i sand your good man. my husband is a truck dr.and .he is a good husband. i love my hus

you are a good husband.

Thank you, Mex! I had to work at it and still do as it doesn't always come naturally for us men.

I just posted an urgent update to thais story :-)