An Evening With My Wife

After a very hectic week visiting various stores in the West country Avice & I were so glad to be home. Tired & not even wanting our usual social weekend. Avice had been asking for a "back rub" fot three days. Now almost as soon as we got into the cottage she asked me again. I went to the bathroom to collect some of the lovely body oils we use on each other. Avice was already lying on the bed, naked, her clothes in an untidy heap on the floor when I came back to the bedroom. I quickly, anxiously undid my skirt & pushed it down, feverihly I unbuttoned my blouse, quickly discarding it & my bra with it. I was so hard I kept my panties on as I straddled Avice. I began slowly massaging her neck & shoulders, down her back & pausing for a moment on the her lovely, tight arse cheeks. Bending lower I started to kiss her neck as I massaged her arse cheeks, then the backs of her thighs and kissing her back as I moved my hands lower to the calves of her legs, then working my way back up.

Avice was more relaxed now, as my hands continued to knead softly her arse cheeks. I tried hard to concentrate to give Avice the relaxation she needed. The head of my **** was threatening to burst out of my panties now. I stopped & slipped my panties off then, straddling her again my **** was just touching her arse & as I massaged I could feel my pre *** oozing out. Avice slowly spread her legs apart & propped her arse up just enough for me to see her glistening **** lips, she was very wet & I hadn't even begum to work on the massage yet.

I continued to massage my dearest as she reached aroound with one hand & started to stroke my ever hardening ****, slowly she teased my **** by rubbing it up & down her wet pink slit, but she stopped short of letting me plunge my **** deep inside her. It was driving me crazy & I had to take a break. I slid off the bed & lit a cigarette offering it to Avice. We smocked together, but Avice still touched & stroked my ****. I love it so much when she licks & fingers my arse & she was reaching further now. I could feel her fingers opening my tight ******* until my sphincter muscles began to hurt.

I knew what my sweetheart wanted. I lay on my back with Avice's **** & arsehole staring me straight in the face as she slowly & methodically sucked my ****. I started to open her wet, glistening **** lips, lifting my head until I was able to slip my tongue deep inside. She was so hot & wet, her love juices thick & tasty. I spread her vagina lips apart & eased a finger into her ****, pulling it out & tasting her only to slip it back inside again, continuing to eat her cunny like that. Avice is pumping her **** back & forth as she continued to suck me off. I reached & grabbed her arse & spread her cheeks & thrust my tongue in her waiting arsehole. Thrusting my tongue in & out. Avice starts to relax as her cunny spills juice & she **** from my ministrations.

I twist away & watch as my beloved turns her body again. I open her arse cheeks with one hand as I steady my **** & with a deep thankful groan puch my **** deep into her arsehole. I am now in a ******* frenzy, my **** going in & out, slapping my balls against her arse. I was so hot then reaching a peak as my **** sprayed my *** into her arsehole, *******, groaning, *******, un til I collapsed on the bed as Avice kissed me & kissed me. That weekend we never left the bed apart from toilet calls & little snacks from the kitchen. It was a weekend of love, love, love, after a hard weeks work. Now I am praying for more busy weeks. lol..
steffiwindsor steffiwindsor
May 20, 2012