Uravashi (unforgettable Character Of A Woman)

Indeed a poet like Ramdhari Singh Dinkar needs no introduction. He has been popular for his works that warms the revolutionary spines but it is also true that opposites always exist. Keeping apart his fiery poms we find immense beautiful depiction of a woman in his tender and yet thorough work. His research seems not limiting to a mere mechanical setting but it is like a poet's hand but god's work.

"Aur Vaksha ke Kusum Kunj, Surbhit vishram bhavan ye,
jahan mrityu ke pathik thahar kar shraanti duur karte hain"

(And the Travelers in the river of death rests in her breast for a while). That means the warmth of a woman, the power of keeping a man at peace.
The characters in Uravashi : Pururava, Sukanya & Chitralekha.
When Uravashi (a heaven dancer-Apsara) arrives to Earth along with Pururava,Sukanya, Chitralekha, they had desires to be loved by a man, but the jealousy the shows is beautiful too. Uravashi speaks to Pururava as a secret friend, of how her breast thumps when she thinks of it to be touched by the prince on the earth as a flower is touched first time and shivers.
In second dialogue, Uravashi fells in love of her dream prince and the earth that seemed horror to them once, as a unknown place, seems to grow as branches full of leaves on her back, holding her so tenderly as the bird of love holds a twig to make her home beautiful.
Then Possessiveness comes in scene where she wants to succumb her beloved to herself for a long time, and she says her love to be discreet and forever. In dialogues with Sukanya, she admits that something is missing because of her possessiveness, for the folds in her legs seems to remain clutched.

In his work, Ramdhari Singh Dinkar has accurately described about trinities of love of a woman-
Creation,possession & Jealousy all of which is a part that relieves the security a love desires to keep.
In the last dialogues, it reminds me of Harivansh Rai Bachchan, who in Madhushala writes-

"Pyar nahi paa jaane me hai, Hai paane ke armaano me, paa jata toh haaye na itni pyari lagti madhushala"

(Love is not in getting it, it is in desire to have it....................it might not feel so great to have it".)

It is not sadism, but it is the elastic beauty of love that strives to no ends- having, not having......Living in between is the love in its best form... That is distance is needed to feel the need of closeness.
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Aug 5, 2012