Partners In Crime

My mother has always been a shopping freak. Back in the nineties, there were no shopping malls in India. So shopping was restricted to roadside shops. On Sunday evenings, my mom used to drag me and my dad out of the house for shopping. Though it didn’t make any difference to me (as I didn’t have to pay the bill), my dad seemed too reluctant to venture out of the house. And the reason was obvious. He was the one whose credit card was flaunted by my mom wherever she shopped.  
Back then, I never thought I would inherit the same boat in which my dad sailed. Ever since I got married, the thing that has been used the most is my credit card. And boy, my wife has beaten my mom hands down as far as shopping is concerned. Sometimes I feel her motto in life may be: Shop till your husband drops. Fortunately, for my dad, he is out of this dilemma permanently. It’s now me who gets caught in the shopping competition between my mom and wife. Although what they both shop for are all necessary items for our household, the mother-in-law-daughter-in-law duo seems to have an endless list of “necessary items”. When my wife picks up a pineapple, mom will pick up apples as well. When mom grabs a pack of butter, my wife picks up slices of cheese (and the price of this ‘cheese’ doesn’t make me smile).
My travails don’t end at the shopping mall. The mother-in-law-daughter-in-law duo has a fascination of shopping at different malls and then comparing the prices when we reach home. And needless to say, the one who has sit with a calculator in hand is me.
Last week, I booked a two-wheeler. I now intend to go to the shopping mall on my new bike henceforth. However, that has put me in a new dilemma altogether. If I am the one who will drive the bike, then there has to be a pillion as well. And that pillion gives rise to a million dollar question: Who will it be? Mom or wife? Wife’s mother-in-law or mother’s daughter-in-law?  
That’s when my dad came up with a (supposedly) intelligent solution.
“Why don’t you allow your wife to ride the bike. Let your mother sit at the back. We will enjoy few glasses of beer until they are back,” he shared his wisdom.
The idea sounds good. The bottles are already in. Waiting for Sunday.
eyes04111981 eyes04111981
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Sep 11, 2012