there are no others
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It's funny how once they rip your heart out and stomp it into a mud hole, you slowly learn that there ARE others......but I like where your head's at.

Worth the risks !

Just make sure you don't get blind by all that love

That is a weakness of mine - I know.
But, I don't know how else to be!

Hope she feels the same about you.

Sometimes it takes one to make the scary leap...

Wow. I'll trade you mine.

Im good - thanks.

Plus - no one else would have us! :)

That might not be so funny :)

At least your wife would have a good shot!

Hey - that wasnt nice!

Truth hurts!

Ok it's a deal. I'm sending my wife over now.

Do u have mine?

If so, back by midnight!!

Sorry dude. I think our wives ran away together.

I hope they send us some video :O

As long as I can sell it online. I will split the money with you though.


as long as i can keep a copy!

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What an awesome thing to say and feel.
Am happy for the two of you

That's great☆☆☆☆☆


I don't know if the feeling is mutual but, that is out of my control. I am just focused on being the best I can be now.

Thank you.

I don't know where her heart is right now but, I hope for its return....